Company Profile

Qualita Magnetics commenced its business as an exporter of giftware and promotional products in 1992, and by 1994 Qualita had incorporated flexible magnetic products into its product range. Over these years Qualita have flourished and made huge progress and pioneered great development, where today Qualita take great pride being one of the market leaders and one of the major manufacturers of flexible magnets, promotional magnets and souvenir magnets in the world.
We believe in 4 factors to our success :

Qualita's customers always get the best prices. Our policy of offering exceptional value for money providing the customers with the standard of product and service they require at a realistic price.

Production Time
Qualita understand the customer's time is extremely valuable. That is why for promotional campaigns we make a firm delivery time to give our customers peace of mind and for other orders we always strive for the shortest possible production cycles.
Qualita's products are manufactured under strictly controlled science-based production processes in order that they give excellent physical and magnetic performance. In addition, we command a totally strict quality control system. We believe in our products and take the utmost care to get them right.
Qualita deliver express responses to customer inquires within the time frame required. We also provide professional advice on product design, product construction, packaging and shipping arrangement. Qualita's commitment to completing and shipping orders to our valued customers for the required quality before the required time frame is second-to-none.
Qualita warmly welcome existing and new customers to contact us NOW. While Qualita have built a long-standing reputation on thorough professionalism and high standards, the real secret of our success has been the whole heated commitment and caring attitude of our motivated staff.
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